February 2017 
SkillsUSA Regionals 2017
Fifteen CTE students from MOBOCES qualified for the SkillsUSA State Competition in April after excelling at regionals on February 10. A big thanks to CTE teachers Jill Kelly, Bonnie Seigers, Karen Murphy, Jim Farruggia and Dave Orr for helping to prepare them for the competition, and the SkillsUSA advisers Aaron Abbe and Becky Wood for organizing the trip.

NYSAA Training and Scoring
Special Programs Coordinator Carla Fountain continues to serve as a regional leader for NYSAA assessment training and scoring. She led a session for regional special education teachers on February 7, with support from table scoring leader Stephanie Bickom.

Health & Wellness Website
The MOBOCES Health and Wellness Committee is in the process of revamped its website. Committee members are interested in sharing events, articles, recipes and photos that center around a healthy lifestyle. Whether you bike, run, walk, crawl, want to change your diet or all the above, they are hopeful their new site will be a resource for information and inspiration to help you meet your goals.
Thanks to the H&W Committee members for providing these resources: Brenda Wolak, Jack Angrisano, Lisa Seitz, Kristin Guinto, Cheri Schmalz, Brenda Egelston, Tammy Ebersold and Lisa Lee. 

RIC Staff Members Create Mileage Challenge
Nine staff members at the RIC are participating in a fun 4-month Mileage Challenge!
Back in December, the participants set a goal to each walk 200 miles in 100 days - but everyone met that challenge in just seven weeks. So the group revised their challenge to walk as many miles as possible in 100 days, with the winners earning medals! Each person tracks their daily mileage and reports it each week on a white board in the office. The challenge ends on March 28.
During the 15-week challenge, each person is contributing $1/week. At the end, they will have a celebratory breakfast and use the remaining money to support a local food bank. 
Participants are: Mike Holton, Mike Kapala, Michele Reid, Brittany Rizzo, Lesley Keenan, Lori Grieco, Sue Keyser and Brenda Egelston.

Snow Closings
If you have not already done so, please ensure your contact information in the School Messenger notification system is accurate so you can be notified about snow closings and weather delays. Please refer to our webpage about our procedures and the media outlets where you can find updates as well.
At the bottom of the page, you can also review our Winter Parking Notice. 

Phone Dialing
As a reminder, all phone calls now require a 10-digit number. Our region received a new area code beginning February 11, and you must now use either the 315 or new 680 area code to complete a call. Phone calls that currently require four digits are not affected.   Equipment that automatically dials (i.e. fax machines) may need to be re-programmed. Please contact Technology Coordinator Tom Moats with questions or concerns.

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