• Current IFBs/RFPs

    Most IFBs/RFPs are posted as two files: a PDF document and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  The PDF document will contain the terms and conditions documents and the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will contain the item listing.  Some IFBs/RFPs are available as a PDF document only.  The PDF document will contain both the terms and conditions documents and the item listing.

    Vendors must print out and complete the signature pages of the terms and conditions documents.  If there is an accompanying Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, please save the file to your computer and enter your prices.  Please print out the item listing and then save the completed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file to a CD-ROM or flash drive.  The completed terms and conditions documents, hardcopy of the completed item listing and CD-ROM or flash drive containing the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file must then be sealed in an envelope and submitted to Madison-Oneida BOCES in the traditional manner (via mail, courier, delivery service, personal delivery, etc.).  The CD-ROM or flash drive is meant to be a convenience feature only and is not meant to replace the hardcopy or to circumvent any applicable laws.  In the event that there is a discrepancy between the hardcopy printout and the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file on CD-ROM or flash drive, the hardcopy printout shall take precedence.

    Any IFB/RFP submitted that does not meet the above instructions will be disqualified and returned to the vendor.  It will be the vendor's responsibility to submit their IFB/RFP in accordance with the above instructions and in the proper delivery manner.  The IFB/RFP must be received by at the Madison-Oneida BOCES Receiving Department before the listed date and time of opening.  If a sealed IFB/RFP is received after the listed date and time of opening, it will be returned to the vendor, unopened.  All applicable laws pertaining to sealed, competitive bidding shall continue to be followed.  The vendor assumes all risks of submission and delivery of a sealed IFB/RFP.