31st SLS Leatherstocking Conference
October 27, 2016
@ the Vernon Downs Hotel in Vernon, NY
cube "Transforming Libraries / Transforming Learning"  directional
Featuring Doug McIntosh and Anita Silvey
Doug McIntosh    Anita Silvey
Shawn Campbell: So Many Chromebooks - Oh My! So Many Chomebooks; oh my!

leaves  30th SLS Leatherstocking Conference leaves
Featuring Shannon McClintock Miller, Stephen Abram, and Starr LaTronica
Shannon Miller  Stephen Abram Starr LaTronica
leaves School Librarians as Leaders - Nov. 19, 2015 - Vernon Downs Hotel  leaves
Shannon Miller's Website Created for the Leatherstocking Conference:  https://sites.google.com/site/slsleatherstockingconference/
Amy AustinProgressive Era PPT
Brynn Speer: Graphic Novel Course: Collaboration Between the Library and Art Program https://prezi.com/p8hmrbsjh-gf/creating-and-teaching-a-graphic-novel-class/
29th SLS Leatherstocking Conference
Brochure click here
Makerspaces & STEM - Oct. 28, 2014 - Vernon Downs Hotel
Leslie Preddy                            Melissa Stewart
Keynote speaker:  Leslie Preddy     Featured Speaker:  Melissa Stewart

Leslie's website: http://p3nlhclust404.shr.prod.phx3.secureserver.net/SharedContent/redirect_0.html

Melissa Stewart - Science of Readers Theater Blog
Mary Sue Brost (Camden CSD) and Chris Shaffer (MORIC Model Schools)Kids Can Create Their Own Stop-Motion Animation
Use stop-motion animation as a way to have your students demonstrate their learning.
Melissa Balk (Thousand Islands CSD) -  Tech Integration, Research and Presentation Skills
Recommendations of what to teach in a high school information Literacy class.  Examples to be shown include: visual note-taking techniques, creating infographics, teaching copyright in a remix culture, and more.

Amy Tallman, Adrienne Fedyna, Karen Zaleski, Patricia Skelly - Science in the World of Literature
Margaret McNamaraIncreasing Rigor AND CREATING 21st CENTURY LEARNERS - 8th Grade STEAM Presentation
Tanya Roy