• NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework

    This website can be found at https://www.moboces.org/socialstudies .

    The NYS Social Studies Framework with Professor S.G. Grant - October 6, 2015 @ TriPlexus. (Register in MLP)
    Learn about the NYS Framework and Toolkit, learn how to engage students and how to create compelling questions.  Time for Inquiry creation.

    S.G. GrantS. G. Grant is Professor of Social Studies Education having recently stepped down as the Founding Dean of the Graduate School of Education at Binghamton University. In addition to publishing papers in both social studies and general education journals, Grant has published five books including History Lessons: Teaching, Learning, and Testing in U.S. High School Classrooms (2003; Lawrence Erlbaum), Measuring History: Cases of State-Level Testing Across the United States (2006; Information Age Publishing)and Teaching History with Big Ideas: Cases of Ambitious Teachers (2010; Rowman & Littlefield). He won the Exemplary Research Award from the National Council for the Social Studies in 2004 for hisHistory Lessons book. He served as senior consultant and writer on the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for State Social Studies Standardsand currently is the project manager for the New York Social Studies Resource Toolkit project.

    Jessica Maul

    More on the NYS Social Studies Toolkit with Jessica Maul - October 7, 2015 @ TriPlexus. (Register in MLP)

    Ms. Maul is a certified NY Social Studies teacher, professional archaeologist and consultant with the New York State Archives.

    Continue learning about the NYS Social Studies Framework and primary sources as text sets.  Time for Inquiry creation.

    The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for State Social Studies Standards is a guide for the development of state-level standards and curriculum. It features four dimensions in an Inquiry Arc:  
    1. Developing questions and planning inquiries,
    2. Applying disciplinary concepts and tools,
    3. Evaluating sources and using evidence and
    4. Communicating conclusions and taking informed action.


    Bridging from the C3 to New York w/ Greg Ahlquist - Dec. 16, 2015 @ TriPlexus. (Register in MLP).
    S.G. Grant

    "Re-imagining Social Studies: Framework, Resources, Exams"
    In this information session, updates related to the new K-12 Social Studies Framework and instructional shifts that accompany the Framework will be shared. Important updates on new Regents examinations as well as the timetable will also be important points of focus. Time will also be spent sharing information and insights on the Social Studies Resource Toolkit project, a collaborative project through Binghamton University by teachers for teachers.

    Significant time will be devoted to a question/answer, interactive format; participants should bring a unit to work on, their questions and thoughts to share as part of this workshop.

     Video introducing the Inquiries with Greg Ahlquist.

    Professor Sam Wineburg:  Reading Like a Historian: Teaching Literacy in Middle and High School History Classrooms - March 2, 2016 @ the Oncenter, Syracuse. Free registration, lunch and parking.  Register here:  http://goo.gl/tVH4ac 

    Professor Sam Wineburg Co-sponsored by the School Library Systems of Madison-Oneida BOCES, OCM BOCES, CiTi, Cayuga Onondaga BOCES, and several Teacher Centers.  Registration limited to 200.

    Workshop will assist educators in aligning the Common Core Standards with the C3 Framework.