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  • Today's devices are small enough to fit on one's wrist, large enough to fill a wall, stacked in data centers, and constantly connected.  The people who make them work are a combination of creative, logical and driven thinkers.  Collaboration is key, and whether your partner is at the next desk or clear across the world, you will need the skills required to connect as well as to create.
    This course covers programming for the web as a platform, animation, interaction, mobile apps, network servers and databases.  Using a combination of HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript to form a foundation for understanding, as well as Python, Java, C/C++/C# and Swift to delve into specialized programs.
    First year students will develop a web page, animations and interactive games.  The focus during this time is a visual understanding of the concepts involved in using variables, functions, objects and algorithms to create a program that responds visually to user input.
    Second year students will focus on web browsers, mobile apps, operating systems, and servers to explore the concept of "platform" as it describes the commonality and differences between the various devices we use every day.
    While much commercial software is used, and encouraged, students will be made aware of licensing issues and collaborative development as it pertains to open source.  The skills used to collaborate in the community are transferable from open source to corporate software development, from job to job and across careers.
    Some technologies used within the program are the Brackets code editor, the Intel XDK, PhoneGap, Node.js and Phaser.io.   
    Computer Science credits toward college are available from MVCC and Bryant & Stratton. 

    Joshua Marris
    Computer Programming Teacher
    Phone:  361- 5733
    Email:  jmarris@moboces.org