• Mission Statement

    “The Madison-Oneida BOCES cooperatively and responsibly 

    provides educationally-focused programs and services 

    which enable learners to excel.”


    Standards of Excellence

    Collaboration: Madison-Oneida BOCES programs and services are planned, delivered, and evaluated in collaboration with participants.

    Outcomes: Madison-Oneida BOCES programs and services supply participants with the means, knowledge, or opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

    Resources: Madison-Oneida BOCES programs and services use all resources efficiently and effectively.

    Anticipation: Madison-Oneida BOCES anticipates emerging educational service needs and develops programs and services to address these needs.


    Operational Philosophy

    The Madison-Oneida BOCES is responsible for the delivery of requested educational and related services to local school districts and the learners they may entrust to us.

    Local schools and learners are entitled to high quality services at a responsible cost, delivered on time as promised.

    Local schools and learners are to be encouraged to evaluate, comment upon, and commend BOCES services. Such feedback will be used to improve and enhance services and will be accepted constructively.

    Local school personnel and learners are entitled to frequent visits and consultations with BOCES staff members at local schools, classroom sites, or BOCES to encourage the review, enhancement, and development of BOCES services.

    BOCES staff members are entitled to equitable pay, pleasant and safe working conditions, and ongoing training.

    BOCES staff members are entitled to frequent written feedback about their performance based upon a predetermined set of standards.

    BOCES staff members are expected to evaluate and comment upon operational procedures and practices for the improvement of services. This dialogue can be expected to occur in an environment of acceptance and trust.

    All BOCES staff members are entitled to recognition for efforts to enhance and develop practices, procedures, and services in addition to payroll remuneration.

    All BOCES staff members are managers in their own right. As such, they are expected to continually experiment with improved practices and procedures in the delivery of services.

    Local school representatives, learners, advisory committees, and representatives of other BOCES are to be constantly surveyed about the quality, cost, and development of BOCES services.