Clinical Instructor-Adult Practical Nursing

Clinical Instructor for Adult Practical Nursing
Posted on 01/13/2020


  1. Role model for students.
  2. Orient self to staff and unit prior to student rotation.Complete the Facility Orientation Checklist with the facility’s clinical facilitator each time a clinical rotation is planned at facility where you have not previously had a clinical group.Submit the checklist to the Health Occupations Coordinator.
  3. Complete required facility trainings.
  4. Orient students to facility staff and unit.
  5. Obtain patient assignments prior to student arrival as the clinical unit and student progress dictates. Patient assignments should be in alignment with a student’s capabilities and knowledge level.
  6. Be present at all times on the clinical unit while students are performing hands-on care.
  7. Provide direct and close supervision during every step of the medication pass.
  8. Provide informative and beneficial pre and/or post clinical experience conferences.
  9. Review and give input to students on clinical paperwork; care plans, med cards, data collection sheets, etc.
  10. Maintain and report accurate student attendance in a timely manner: faxed to the main office in Verona – (315) 361-5810.
  11. Provide student evaluations according to policy on the “Practical Nursing Student Evaluation: Supervised Clinical Experience” form.
  12. Notify Master Instructor and Health Occupations Coordinator in the event a Clinical Skills

    Deficiency Ticket is issued to a student.

  13. Notify the Health Occupations Coordinator or Verona office immediately in the event a facility Incident Report is completed.Complete a BOCES Incident report form and fax to the Verona Office (315 361-5810) the same day of the occurrence.
  14. Have an annual physical exam on file in the Verona Office demonstrating no medical restrictions and complete immunization information, including an annual TB skin test.
  15. Maintain AHA CPR – AED certification.
  16. Keep unit/facility updated on any schedule changes.
  17. Be consistent: equitable and fair when evaluating and guiding students.
  18. Assure students activity remains within the LPN scope of practice (see

Qualifications:            Minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Master of Science in Nursing or a related field is preferred.

  1. Recent clinical experience in a hospital or long-term care setting.
  2. Current license/registration to practice Registered Nursing in New York State.
  3. Teaching experience desired.
  4. Customer service, public relations skills desired.
  5. Effective verbal and writing skills
  Contact Info:         Apply on-line at  include resume and job-specific cover letter.