District Superintendent

Scott A. Budelmann, District Superintendent

scott budelmannScott A. Budelmann was appointed District Superintendent in 2020. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Superintendent of MOBOCES and Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services at MOBOCES. In these roles, he oversaw financial, legal, policy, technology, facilities, human resources and a variety of other departments and services in addition to advising the District Superintendent in a variety of matters. Before becoming Assistant Superintendent, he served as a School Attorney and Labor Relations Specialist at MOBOCES for 10 years, including five years as the Coordinator of his department.

Before joining MOBOCES in 2001, Mr. Budelmann served as a Labor Law Attorney and Union Representative with SEIU Local 200 in Syracuse, as a Business Law Adjunct Instructor at SUNY Potsdam, as an Assistant Public Defender for St. Lawrence County, and a variety of other legal and community service roles, including Disability and Poverty Law Attorney and Homeless Task Force Coordinator. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he worked as a mental health advocate, teaching assistant and employment specialist for people with mental and physical disabilities.

Mr. Budelmann holds School District Leader and School District Business Leader certifications from the NYS Education Department. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Bloomington, his law degree from SUNY Buffalo, and certificates of advanced study from SUNY Cortland (School District Business Leader) and Niagara University (School District Leader).