Drone Expo at VVS

Drone Expo at VVS sponsored by Mid-State Teacher Resource Center
Posted on 06/15/2021
Drone Expo at VVS

Technology Teacher, Tim McKenna at VVS High School facilitated a “Drone Expo” on Monday, June 14th. “Teachers finished building, programming, and test flying drones that they built during previous meetings of the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) this year. Today was a culmination of that work with a featured drone expo,” said Maria Smith is the Director of the Mid-State Teacher Resource Center.  

This has been a great experience for both teachers involved, and their students. Drones were completed and programmed, ready for flight. VVS Junior, Trajen Masner, along with first year RIT student, Eric Surprenant (VVS graduate) had the opportunity to experience FPV Drone flying.  “The technology teaches many hands-on skills associated with drones such robotics, electronics (adhering computer chips to wires with soldering tool) mathematics, and skills development,” said Teacher, Paul Brown.

Teachers from VVS, Madison, Camden, and Oneida participated in the build. Paul Brown of Poland High School, hired as a consultant, shared his drone expertise for the build, and Jeff Smith, representing Project Fibonacci participated as well.  

The culminating event of Drone Technologies PLC was sponsored by Mid-State Teacher Resource Center and Staff and curriculum Development at Madison Oneida BOCES.

 Below is a link to the video of the three drones flying over the track field at VVS on June 14th. It was put together by Paul Brown:  VIDEO