Alternative High School Program


(Grades 9-12)

The Madison-Oneida BOCES Alternative High School Program serves youth in Grades 9-12 who have been unsuccessful in the traditional high school program and are at risk for dropping out, or who may have already dropped out and wish to return to school. Students who have the ability to achieve academically, but are not, are accepted into the program. Entrance to the program is facilitated through the home district.

The Alternative High School Program sets high expectations for all students. The end goal for each student is a Regents diploma. The student population is academically diverse and the instructional approach focuses on student strengths. The faculty sees the potential in each student and views the students' experiences and backgrounds as resources for learning. Classes are small and offer a smaller student-teacher ratio that fosters an environment in which students are well-known, supported and safe.

Students typically spend all or part of their day at the Alternative High School where they are offered a full Regents program of study. Classes will be offered in a Block Schedule. Juniors and seniors may enroll in one of nineteen CTE programs offered at the Madison-Oneida BOCES campus.

Equipped with a strong academic foundation, and career and technical experience, students who complete the Alternative High School Program are prepared to meet the expectations they will face in postsecondary education and/or business and industry settings.

To learn more about the Madison-Oneida BOCES Alternative High School, contact Tonia Davis, Coordinator at 315-361-8464 or