Secondary Intense Management Needs


(Grades 6-12)

Students in this program exhibit moderate to severe behavioral difficulties and/or intense instructional needs. Behaviors warrant a placement outside a local school setting. The program is located on the BOCES campus and counseling services are provided within the program. Close contact with parents, school districts, and community agencies is maintained to encourage the home-school connection. The goals of the program are intervention and support to assist the student in the development of the skills necessary to be successful in the home, school, and community.

Students complete credit-bearing coursework towards Local and Regents diplomas and take the NYS Regents and RCT exams. The majority of students follow a high school model including changing classes. Opportunities exist for Career and Technical Education when appropriate for individual students and participation in general education academic courses in the Alternative High School as indicated on IEP. Staff is trained in crisis intervention strategies with a strong emphasis on de-escalation techniques to support student's needs. The staffing ratio is 8:1:1 with additional support personnel as indicated on IEP (Individualized Education Program).

Further information regarding the Secondary Intense Management Needs Program can be directed to Owen Maranville, Principal, at 315-361-8404 or [email protected] or Gina Calabro, Coordinator, at 315-361-8406 or [email protected].