From the Director

A Message from the Teacher Center Director

NYS Teacher Centers are the largest professional learning communities in NYS with more than 125 Teacher Centers across the state serving 675 public school districts.Teacher Centers support student achievement through professional development that provides educators with knowledge and skills.

The Midstate Teacher Center of MOBOCES provides professional development based on local needs as well as NYS regulations under Section 316 of education law.

In accordance with the NYS Teacher Center Standards, Common Core Standards, and the Mid State Teacher’s Center philosophy, the center will focus on the initiatives that are designed to meet the professional development needs of the school districts that we serve as determined by a teacher center needs assessment/evaluation that is supported by the Madison Oneida BOCES Division of Instruction and Curriculum.

Focus Areas for 2018-2019:

The focus of the Mid-State Teacher Center for the 2018-19 grant year, which runs July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019, includes a host of activities with the common goals of increasing teacher capacity and increasing student achievement.    Mid-State Teacher Center will continue to collaborate with Madison-Oneida BOCES Staff and Curriculum Development and higher education in a number of endeavors:

  • Offering Pre-K through Grade 5 teachers the opportunity to attend the Summer Reading Institute held in July 2018.

  • Support teacher understanding of the new NYS Learning Standards in science, including their knowledge of the science and engineering practices, the shift from “learning about topics” to “figuring out how/why things happen”, and the disciplinary core ideas of engineering, technology, and applications of science.

  • Support teachers understanding of NYS Learning Standards in ELA and math.

  • Provide teacher facilitators for BOCES-based Professional Learning Communities to enhance teacher knowledge of NYS P-12 Learning Standards, enhance classroom practices, and increase student achievement.

  • Provide teacher facilitators for four BOCES-based Professional Learning Communities in the Arts with the opportunity to share expertise and assist in the September 2018 implementation of the new NYS Learning Standards in the Arts.

  • Collaborate with Utica College with “Reflective Seminars” and “EdTPA” to promote enhanced teacher and leader pre-service preparation.

  • Provide an educational consultant to enhance educators’ capacity in creating and maintaining safe, secure, supportive, and inclusive learning environments for all students.

  • Provide a lending library of professional journals, books, and materials for educators’ use.

  • Provide training for teaching assistants and teachers on student engagement, mental health, and behavior management.