Adult Basic Education/High School Equivalency

Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency classes offer adults the opportunity to work with a qualified instructor to improve math, reading, and writing skills. These classes help adults without a high school diploma prepare for the GED test. We offer classes at numerous locations in the Utica-Rome-Oneida area. Morning, afternoon and evening classes help make classes available to anybody who is interested.

Once you enroll, you are assessed to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Your instructor will then use appropriate resources to help you master the literacy and numeracy skills necessary for success. Regular assessments will then help us determine what you have mastered, and what you still need to work on. All materials are provided at no cost to you. For the techies out there, our sites are also equipped with computer labs and web-based programs geared towards GED success.

Adult Basic Education (ABE): Are you out of practice with your grammar, mechanics, and usage skills? Has it been awhile since you did long division, fractions or percent? Our adult basic education classes are geared with you in mind. Students who need to learn, or brush up on, their foundation skills will work with our ABE instructor to master these skills.

High School Equivalency (HSE): Once you have become comfortable with your foundation skills, you are ready to start preparing for the GED test. Our HSE instructors will provide you with the resources and instruction necessary for GED success. We have print and online resources geared directly to the GED test. Let us share our GED expertise with you by signing up for classes today!

For more information or to enroll, please contact one of our case managers:

(To email, simply click on the name of any of our case managers)

In Rome: Christine Ebersold (315) 334-8000
In Oneida: Christine Ebersold (315) 334-8000
In Utica: Lesley Green (315) 738-7300
  Lillie Savage (315) 738-7300

Click here for a list of our literacy class locations and times.

All of our Literacy Classes are offered at No Cost to the Student!