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    JULY 19-20, 2017
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  • A Note from the Director


    During the 2015-16 school year, Superintendents from the component districts of Madison-Oneida BOCES made the commitment to provide the necessary support for our region’s educators to be trained in Project-Based Learning (PBL).  Project-Based Learning allows teachers to learn how to provide students with the experiences to build qualities that have been recognized as ideal for graduates entering college and/or the workforce (i.e. problem solving, collaboration, working independently, critical thinking, time management, and communication skills).  PBL also gives students the opportunity to learn standards-based academic content more deeply as it relates to the “real world.”

    The MOBOCES regional commitment encompassed the Staff and Curriculum Development Department Team working with their counterparts at OCM BOCES to become PBL trainers and the SCD staff participating in the PBL 101 workshop based on the Buck Institute for Education’s PBL Gold Standard and the Buck Institute’s Leadership Academy.  Our partnership with OCM BOCES also included the MOBOCES SCD staff observing Denise Pawlewicz (PBL trainer from OCM BOCES) deliver the PBL 101 workshop to a cadre of teachers from the MOBOCES region at the TriPlexus this past August.  On September 25th/ 26th and October 6th/ 7th MOBOCES SCD Instructional Specialist Jonathan Cornue provided the four-day PBL 101 training to areas educators along with Instructional Specialists Maria Papa and Jody Popple. 

    Some comments from participants at our PBL workshop include:

    ·         “The entire world is about to get rocked.  I feel after this Gold Standard PBL experience my students will never be the same!”

    ·         “Thankful for this amazing experience, I have never felt so strongly or been more focused during a workshop-thank you so much!”

    ·         “It makes the learning authentic!

    Teachers that have participated in the PBL workshops have expressed an interest in creating a Professional Learning Community (PLC) focused on Project-Based Learning.  We are encouraged that we will have the PBL PLC up and running this year and look forward to providing support to expand PBL experiences throughout our BOCES region. 

    For further PBL information or to request professional development services that our department can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us at scd@moboces.org or call 315-361-5550.


    Ed Rinaldo

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