Building Capacity Turnkey Training

Three BOCES Partner on Learning Standards Training
Posted on 07/25/2019
Jody Popple leads a session on math standards

The MOBOCES Staff and Curriculum Development divisions partnered with two neighboring BOCES to offer its first regional Building Capacity Turnkey Training this week. It is one of the few collaborative multi-region trainings on Next Generation Learning Standards in the state.

The three-BOCES workshop drew about 160 educators from across the Mohawk Valley and provided them with the tools to train their own in-district colleagues on NYS Next Generation Learning Standards. Through the turnkey trainings, participants will be able to help other teachers understand, utilize and align curriculum to the new standards, which are scheduled to take effect in September 2020.

moboces teamMOBOCES Staff and Curriculum Development Director Ed Rinaldo said this regional collaboration helps address two key needs identified by area school leaders: increasing educators’ knowledge of the new standards and reducing the need for substitute teachers during the school year.

“Districts will be able to turn to their own teachers as they’re working implementing the standards and aligning their curriculum instead of looking for regional trainings,” Rinaldo said. “Our BOCES teams will continue to support districts in a coaching capacity.”

The current capacity-building work follows a year of work by the staff development team to raise awareness of the new standards among teachers and administrators. The Building Capacity phase will continue through next summer.

maria papaDuring the July 25 training, staff development specialists from MOBOCES, Oneida BOCES and Herkimer BOCES led a whole group session about organizing and prioritizing the standards, data crosswalks and vertical alignment of the standards between grade levels. Participants then split into ELA and Math groups for more focused work and training around those subject areas. Teachers left the workshop with all the materials and resources they need to lead the same training in their buildings for their peers.

The same workshop will be offered again on August 26 for teachers unable to attend this week’s training.

Staff development teams who helped coordinate these turnkey trainings include: Ed Rinaldo, Jon Cornue, Maria Papa and Jody Popple from MOBOCES; Ann Turner, Wendy Bunker and Amy Lamitie from Oneida BOCES; Sarah Trunfio, Jon Griffith, Sheri Perry and Jennifer Stanton from Herkimer BOCES; and Amy Konz from MORIC.

Rinaldo said this model of regional turnkey trainings is likely to become more common.

“This is one more way our three BOCES can work together to create more opportunities for teachers in our regions,” he said.