RAS Student of the Year

                                                                             Student of the Year

Eh La Moo has big plans for his future.  He entered our ESL program in May of 2016.  He tested at a NRS level 2.  He moved up through a NRS level 7 by July 2018.    While his English skills were minimal, Eh La Moo quickly captured our hearts with his reverence of educators and education along with his friendly smile, gentle nature and outstanding artistic abilities.  Fast forward to 2019, we have Eh La Moo on a fast track course to move into the NEDP program and he didn’t disappoint us with his hard work and tenacity.  He steadily increased his scores and he is currently working through the program with much success.  We anticipate that Eh La Moo will be celebrating his completion at our June 2020 Graduation program. 

Eh La Moo was recently chosen as a New York Association for Continuing/Community Education (NYACCE) “Outstanding Student of the Year.”  He understands the importance of education and the path to success is paved with learning and doing well at it.  Eh La Moo takes nothing for granted, he understands life is what you create, what you conquer and what you aim to achieve.  He will do great things!