Administrative Support Services

Planning and Grant Writing Specialist (DMS 526)
The Planning and Grant Writing Specialist provides technical writing and information services. Participating districts can receive assistance crafting Comprehensive District Education Plans, researching and cultivating funding sources, developing programs and budgets, preparing and submitting grant applications, and other research and planning activities. There is no charge to districts for basic services. Districts can contract at a daily rate for additional projects.
Employee Benefit Coordination (DMS 601)
The Madison-Oneida BOCES offers a shared Employee Benefit Coordination Service, which coordinates a Flexible Spending (Section 125) Plan and a Section 105 Plan. A BOCES staff person coordinates the benefits of the Plan as claims are submitted by employees of districts that subscribe to the Flexible Spending Plan Coordination Service. Short-term contracted advisory, claims, audit and flex administrator consultant services can be utilized by the COSER as needed.
Workers Compensation Administration (DMS 606)
This service provides for the coordination and administration of a self-funded workers’ compensation program. Madison-Oneida BOCES employs insurance clerks and cross contracts with St. Lawrence BOCES for the coordination of claims processing services. In addition, a Madison-Oneida BOCES employee provides safety inspections and in-service accident and injury prevention workshops for participating schools. The services of claims hearing representatives and investigators will be utilized on an as-needed basis, depending on the particular case.
State Aid Planning Service (DMS 619)
The Madison-Oneida BOCES cross-contracts with Questar BOCES for this service. Questar provides workshops and presentations for Superintendents and School Business Officials that focus on how to maximize state aid.
Safety Coordinator and Asbestos Management (DMS 622)
This service provides the expertise needed to maintain compliance with the rules and regulations of OSHA, Fire Safety, Asbestos Abatement, Toxic Substances and Emergency Procedures Planning. Workshops and surveys are conducted to comply with state and federal regulations and are based on the needs of each district. The service is cross-contracted with Oneida BOCES.
Risk Management Information and Communication Service (DMS 632)
This service is designed to promote and develop measures for safety in the areas of playgrounds, athletic programs, laboratories, transportation, and property/facilities. Emergency preparedness as well as student conduct and disciplinary policies are reviewed to ensure compliance with state and federal law. A Risk Management Specialist works on risk management priorities under the direction of the school business official or Superintendent of Schools. The Risk Management Service also provides SED-required annual visual inspections and fire inspections. The goal of this service is to minimize hazards to students, employees and others in the schools, thus reducing insurance premiums by reducing the risk rating of each school.
For more information on Administrative Support, please contact Lisa Decker at (315) 361-5520 or [email protected].