Foundations of CTE 9


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Foundations of CTE 9 is a unique offering tailored to the academic needs of 9th grade students who would benefit from a dynamic, hands-on CTE experience. By exploring a range of subjects, including culinary arts and basic healthcare, students cultivate and build upon work ethic strategies and interpersonal skills that will serve them throughout the remainder of their high school career.  

The goal of this one-year program is to help students reconnect with learning through hands-on project-based learning. Individuals complete projects, learn how to keep themselves safe in the classroom and lab environment, and experience academic learning in a new context. Successful students are encouraged to continue on to the Foundations of CTE 10 program the following year. 

Students in Foundations of CTE 9 are given the opportunity to earn an integrated .5 credit of Health that can be used toward graduation, as well as complete the necessary academics and labs to sit for the NYS Living Environment Regents. 

Note: This program is for freshman (9th grade) students.

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