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Students who attend approved Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs are offered exciting options that will give them flexibility in meeting New York State's graduation requirements and help to prepare them for success after graduation.

CTE Degree Programs and Pathways
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Students receive credit for the academics learned in CTE programs and can apply them toward:

  • CTE Pathway: A Regents diploma and a Technical Endorsement
  • CDOS Credential: A stand-alone credential or an addition to a Regents or Local diploma
  • CDOS Pathway: A Regents diploma and the CDOS Credential

The Technical Endorsement will offer students recognition for mastery development of technical skills and show their competency in meeting high industry standards. Technical Endorsments on the diplomas of CTE students reflect both their hard work and the rigor of these enhanced, state approved CTE programs.

CTE students will receive a strong program in their career major, and meet several graduation requirements in academic areas (including English, math, science, and government and economics) through an integrated approach. They will challenge nationally approved industry standards in their career area and meet rigorous academic standards. With a greater focus on academics within the Career & Technical Education programs, students can expect a more in-depth and well-rounded experience that will help to prepare them for the expectations of post-secondary institutions and/or business and industry.

Review the "CTE Degree Programs and Pathways" information sheet provided on this page for details on CTE diplomas and endorsements, and contact your school's guidance counselor or the Madison-Oneida BOCES Career & Technical Education department for more assistance.

Have questions? Not sure where to start? Learn more about Career & Technical Education by visiting our FAQs Page (Frequently Asked Questions) for assistance.

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