new visions professions

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New Visions Professions is a one-year program that affords students the opportunity to explore unique careers existing within a variety of fields.

Professions students explore career options not offered at the home school or the Rossetti Education Center. This dynamic program prepares students for collegiate study in their chosen major, while providing opportunities for career exploration and assessment through long-term internship experience. The course consists of a basic business curriculum contextualized to the student's career major through school and project-based learning, work-based learning, and connecting activities, such as career assessment and portfolio development.

Once a student's career goal is determined, the Program Coordinator will work to secure an internship placement with an employer/mentor from the business community. A training plan is then collaboratively developed by the Program Coordinator and the work site mentor.

Students must have their own transportation to and from their internship location, and be in good academic standing at their home school.

Maturity, responsibility, and good attendance are essential characteristics and qualifications for the Professions program.

The schedule for class is five days per week, during the morning or afternoon session, two of which are held at the Rossetti Education Center, three of which involve traveling to the assigned internship location for each student.

This course serves as an excellent preparation for students going to college in a related major.

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