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 PBL Articles
Essential Project Design Elements -- What every project needs!
Main Course vs Dessert Project -- How PBL experiences differ
Project Based Teaching Practices -- Tips for teachers
Top 10 Reasons for PBL -- Great for parents and "newbies"
The Purple Loosestrife Problem -- One teacher's PBL-style experience

PBL Experience Samples 
The Courtyard Project -- Grade 6, Camden MS
The Virtual Schoolhouse -- Country-wide high school projects
High Tech Elementary -- Elementary projects (bottom of the page)
Harmony Science Academy -- Student-designed videos of projects
REAL-Projects Case Studies -- A collection of case studies
Wildland -- School projects from Augusta

PBL Videos 
High Tech High School -- Building blocks of PBL
Worms to Wall Street -- Overview of a variety of PBL Experiences
Kindergarten Harvest -- Students learn  what it takes to help plants grow
Middle School 
My Restaurant Project -- Restaurant design project
Balloon Car- Teachers working together to plan a multidisciplinary project 
High School 
The Blood Bank Project -- Art and Science combine in a single project 
Give Me Shelter -- Students explore homelessness; focus on critique
Save the Beach -- Biology and English combine for water quality exploration
Proposition Project -- Students explore and pitch voting propositions

SNAP Resources

 PBL Resources
 PBL Planning Form
 PBL Student Learning Guide -- Group
 PBL Student Learning Guide -- Individual
 PBL Design Checklist
 PBL Project Design Rubric
  PBL Project Design Calendar

Launch Videos
Gilgamesh - Ancient Espionage -- High School English
Surviving the Weather -- Middle or High School
Animals Gone Wild -- Grade 5
Build a Dance -- Grade 1
Create an Energy Exhibit -- Grade 4
Build a Pollination Garden -- Grade 3
Evaluating a Democracy -- High School 
Beaver Lake Support -- Grade 6
Frog Identification -- Canastota Frog ID Launch

Public Product Rubrics
Outside Connections -- Link industry professionals to your classroom!
Rubrics Galore -- Kathy Schrock's page of hundreds of rubrics

Team Contract 1
Team Contract 2
K-5 BIE Contract 1
K-5 BIE Contract 2
High School Team Contract
Sample Contract Requirements

National School Reform Protocols -- Those marked "O" are free!

Protocols from Expeditionary Learning 
(The following Protocols were compiled by Expeditionary Learning and are shared under the Creative Commons License -- CC BY-NC-SA US 3.0)

Admit and Exit Tickets
Building Background Knowledge
Back to Back & Face to Face
Carousel Brainstorm
Chalk Talk
Concentric Circles
Discussion Appointments
Final Word
Fish Bowl
Gallery Walk
GoGoMo - Written
Infer the Topic
Interactive Work Wall
Mystery Quotes
Peer Critique
Popcorn Read
Say Something
Science Talks
Socratic Seminar
Take a Stand
Tea Party
Think-Pair-Share (& Variations)
World Cafe
Written Conversation

Formative Assessment Methods
The following structures were compiled by Expeditionary Learning and are shared under the Creative Commons License (CC BY - NC - SA US 3.0)
Checking for Understanding & Ongoing Assessments

Strategies for Building Academic Vocabulary
The following structures were compiled by Expeditionary Learning and are shared under the Creative Commons License (CC BY - NC - SA US 3.0)

Components of Vocabulary Instruction
Contextual Redefinition
Elaboration Techniques
Frayer Model
Guidelines for Selecting Vocabulary
Semantic Webbing
Stephens Vocabulary Elaboration Strategies (SVES)
Vocabulary Squares
Vocabulary Strategies -- Anchor Chart
Word Sorts