Mid-State Teacher Center

taecher center Teacher Centers continue to be a valuable resource in achievement of the goals of the Regents Reform Agenda.

Teacher Centers are charged with

  • providing professional support services to teachers
  • promoting understanding and application of the NYS P-12 Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • promoting implementation of the State-issued curriculum modules
  • helping teachers align instructional practice with the NYS P-12 CCSS (Curriculum mapping, planning vertical and horizontal alignment, lesson plan developments, etc.)
  • enhancing educators’ strategies/skills for adjusting instruction to meet student learning needs (differentiated instruction, RTI, formative assessment, etc.)
  • supporting higher education with understanding of CCLS and preparing for students entering higher education with different skill sets that match 21st century needs
  • supporting non-publics
  • supporting technology integration in the classroom
  • supporting data analysis that informs instruction
  • supporting Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)


The Teacher Center offers a stipend to facilitators of Professional Learning Communities. PLCs are teacher led learning communities that meet for the purpose of problem solving, sharing expertise, perusing materials and analyzing Best Practice in their field or content area.

The Teacher Center is here to serve your needs and help accomplish our shared goals. Please continue to submit your ideas and needs so we can work together to create, develop, and sustain the conditions for raising student achievement throughout the region.

Maria Smith, Director
Phone: 315-361-5556