•  CoSer Descriptions

    CIS Basic Service
    CoSer # 502.10
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    This service makes educational materials available in a variety of formats, including physical and digital media that are designed to meet student and classroom needs. All collections are continuously evaluated and expanded to provide depth and to ensure correlation to educational curricula.

    Media Library
    More than 100,000 instructional media titles that correlate to curricular areas for PreK-12 are available for loan or instant streaming. The collection provides materials in a variety of formats to assist educators in complying with NYSED mandates and guidelines. Formats include: DVD, augmented reality kits, audiobooks, classroom sets of books, big books, adaptive toys, learning kits, local history kits, STEM kits, coding kits, plays, and audio materials. Access to physical media resources is through a web-based catalog and booking system, which educators may access in school or remotely via individual log-in. Web-based streaming resources are accessible 24/7. Includes access to streaming resources from:

    • Learn 360
    • Core Curriculum Content! (CCC)
    • Infobase Classroom Video on Demand
    • PBS Learning Media

    Other resources include: Soundzabound.com, an online music and sound effects database providing a royalty-free collection that meets licensing and technology requirements to ensure copyright appropriate resources for the PreK-12 environment. 

    School Library System
    CoSer #842 
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    The basic, state-funded School Library System service provides regional resources, professional development, and a means of sharing resources among component school libraries via inter-library loan. The Madison-Oneida School Library System (SLS) provides library coordination and services to member school libraries under an SLS Plan of Service approved by the New York State Commissioner of Education. 
    There is no cost for participation in the basic service.
    Expanded School Library System services are offered at an additional cost to component districts. They are listed below.

    Online Virtual Reference Resources
    CoSer # 506.005
    Online Resources

    This service provides access to electronic reference resources, including online encyclopedias, elementary level databases, history databases, a science database, an image database, a professional development database, ebook collections and TeachingBooks.net. Database access is provided on a perpupil basis. Additional online reference resources, which include a flat fee per resource, are available upon district request. Online resources include, but are not limited to:

    • BookFlix
    • Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr.
    • CQ Researcher
    • EBSCO Literary Reference Center
    • EBSCO Novelist
    • Electronic Library Service
    • FreedomFlix
    • Infobase: Bloom's Literary Reference Center
    • Infobase: Issues and Controversies
    • Learning A-Z.com
    • Newsbank
    • NoodleTools
    • One Click Audio
    • PebbleGo
    • ProQuest: Culturegrams
    • ProQuest: Sirs Ressearcher
    • TumbleBooks
    • Turn-it-in.com 
    In order to purchase subscriptions through this CoSer, a district must subscribe to the Online Reference Services base service which includes: a base fee including many resources, assistance and guidance with selection and purchase of resources to meet specific instructional needs and the development of instructional objectives, set up database trials, meet with representatives for consortium pricing models and act as a liaison between the Regional Information Center on connectivity and NYS Library Initiatives (NOVELNY). Once a district subscribes to the  base Online Reference Service, other database subscriptions may be purchased from a menu of other resources.  

    Supplemental Library Collections
    CoSer #506.531
    Supplemental Collections  

    This service provides focused collections of library materials to broaden and supplement basic school library collections. These collections are housed in individual libraries but are available for loan to other libraries. Materials are selected by participants and purchased, processed and cataloged by School Library System personnel. This service addresses:

    • sharing the purchase of resources that no single library can afford; and
    • distributing collection responsibilities among a group of libraries in which differences in subjects collected occur.

    School libraries are not able to purchase all of the library books and information resources which they need to meet the informational needs of students and staff. This service will allow schools to create areas of authority within the region for all types of information in various formats (print and audio). These resources will be made available for resource sharing through Interlibrary Loan. 

    School Library System Catalog
    CoSer #506.623
    CIDER Logo  

    This service supports the School Library System C.I.D.E.R. web-based union catalog. It provides catalog updates and identifies the holdings of school libraries in a four-BOCES region. This service provides database development of new resources purchased by each component school library to produce an updated School Library System Union Catalog in a Web-based version that provides access to each participating school library within the MORIC region. The CIDER catalog provides a collection development tool and access to review and download MARC records into their local catalog. It includes real time updates and a school-to-school interlibrary loan component. Access to the school-to-school interlibrary loan is available through a username and password.

    The School Library System Catalog Service also includes an expanded interlibrary loan service at no additional charge to component school libraries.  It includes verification and borrowing of books and photocopies of articles from sites outside the jurisdiction of the MORIC region. These sites include: the New York State Library, the Mid York Public Library System, and academic, public and special libraries within the United States.