• Equine & Animal Science  prepares students for careers in the equine and animal sciences field. Students learn to care for, train, and manage pleasure, standard bred, and draft horses. Students also learn the physiology and anatomy of equine and animal structures, behaviorism, breeding, and much more. Research papers, projects and presentations are a daily part of academic life in the program. Students also travel to a live horse lab several days per week, working with six to eight horses at a local barn to apply what they are learning in class. Students develop skills such as problem solving, self-directed learning, creativity, team work, innovation, effective communication, and critical thinking along with  technical skills.

    Equine/Animal Scienc
    Anatomy & Physiology Equine/Animal Behaviorism 
    Horse/Animal Breeding 
    Breaking & Training
    Farm/Stable Management Grooming & Handling
    Health & Nutrition
    Riding & Show
    Farrier Science 
    Harness & Equipment Identification
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