First Ace Handball Grants Due


The U.S. HANDBALL First Ace Development Program aims to provide new and emerging handball initiatives with financial and equipment support to aid in their growth towards strong and sustainable handball programs.  The grants target new development in clubs, youth service organizations, schools and colleges with the ultimate goal of creating self-supporting programs  that continually promote the game to new players and markets.  The First Ace Development Program also aims to provide existing programs with financial support and replacement equipment and travel grants.  Separate forms are available for Travel Grants, Equipment and Replacement Equipment grants. 

First Ace Development resources are available to all school, club and other programs led by a USHA-Certified Handball Instructor in the United States.  Requests for new or emerging programs and/or existing programs can be made to assist with administration, equipment, or other start-up related costs.  Requests should be made by the primary coach/administrator for the program.  If an application is approved, Development grants will focus on new or emerging programs with a goal for them to be self-supporting over a five-year period.  U.S. HANDBALL reserves all rights related to the acceptance of grant proposals.

 All program participants must be U.S. HANDBALL members.  For the first year, U.S. HANDBALL will offer a free pair of gloves to participants who pay the regular membership dues.  For new Development grant program recipients, a free one-year online membership (gloves not included) is available for participants who provide contact information.  See membership requirements for other available grants.  Eye protection is required for all programs and their participants.