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Students Create Instruments From Shop Materials

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Students from the Electrical/HVAC classes put on a holiday performance for their CTE classmates and teachers using handmade instruments created from materials used in their classroom lab, including PVC pipes and refrigeration containers.

Their recycled instruments included a xylophone, chimes, drums and an Aboriginal instrument called a digeridoo. Teaching Assistant Roy Peters also performed on his own handmade wooden flutes.

Electrical/HVAC teacher Andy Criscolo said he challenged students earlier in the semester to think creatively about alternate uses for some of their classroom materials. He said the project taught students to work in teams, communicate, research and have fun learning.

The class performed for the Community-Based Occupational Education (CBOE) class, as part of an ongoing partnership between the two programs. Students from the Equine and Animal Science class also joined in on some of the songs as a tribute to their former teacher Mary Maitland, who led her own drumming circles and used music in the classroom.