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Students, Staff Celebrate Thanksgiving

Culinary Arts  Culinary Arts Culinary Atys

The Culinary Arts Seniors took a field trip this week to the Rome Rescue Mission where they helped prep the Thanksgiving meal that will be served to the community.

The students peeled potatoes, sweet potatoes, and prepped the turkeys for roasting.

The Executive Director of the Rescue Mission, Matt Miller, says “It’s really making a huge difference for us, not only with the prep work, the potatos and getting the turkeys ready but it also influences the people here because people see and they get involved because of the excitement. We have people in here with their culinary garb on and it generates kind of an excitement for the whole facility and the people we serve.”

Culinary Arts Instructor, Brenda “Mona” Chandler felt it was important her students experienced what it is like to use their skills for good. “The whole idea behind coming here is to do something for others. It’s not always about ourselves. There are many people in our world around us that have less than we do.”


JD George Elementary  JD George Elementary  JD George

More Thanksgiving excitement from our Alternative and Special Education division. At JD George Elementary School in Verona, the entire student body sat down to a Thanksgiving Feast. Each grade level participated in prepping for the feast, from making butter to decorating the tables and decorating placemats.

Secondary students at VVS Middle School prepared their own Thanksgiving feast on Monday, including turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and salad. 

And on campus, students in the Alternative Education High School ended the afternoon with an ice cream social. 

Students and staff from Alternative Education also donated food to support six students’ families with a full turkey dinner. Staff and students divided up the donations into boxes, which also included additional food for the long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ice Cream Social  Ice Cream Social  Ice Cream Social

Culinary Arts lends a hand to the Rome Rescue Mission
Culinary Arts lends a hand to the Rome Rescue Mission

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