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What is Pre-Kindergarten?

Pre-Kindergarten is a quality program that provides developmentally appropriate experiences that build on the children's natural love of learning. It recognizes that young children experience the world around them using all of their senses. It uses guided play as a tool for developing those skills that lead to successful school experiences. Lessons are based on the New York State Next Generation Pre-K Learning Standards and the BOCES Pre-Kindergarten Prioritized Curriculum.

Who may attend Pre-Kindergarten?

Any child is eligible to apply who will be 4 years old on or before December 1 and who live in the district being applied for. Enrollment is limited and eligibility guidelines apply.

What does the Pre-Kindergarten Program provide?

This early childhood class is a place where children have fun while learning to develop an interest about themselves and the world around them, and become familiar with the routines of school. Opportunities are provided for children to socialize with other youngsters in a supervised learning environment where guidance can be given and where developmentally appropriate practices are emphasized. The Pre-K program provides a rich educational opportunity for children to meet their individual needs and encourages their love of learning and play. Good health and nutritional habits are emphasized, as well as a strong foundation for future physical development and communication skills. This literacy and language rich environment assists all children with their future listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The program collaborates with each school district nurse who: Works with the families to make sure medical records are current and provides hearing and vision screenings for the students.

What is the Assistant for Family Services and what types of services does this provide?

The Assistant for Family Services encourages involvement by assisting families in becoming active participants in their child's education so as to develop a strong relationship between home and school. This service provides access to the Parent Resource Lending Library, which has several books and videos to borrow on such topics as discipline, divorce, illness, death, and toilet training. They also help families connect with other agencies for services that may be needed. The Assistant for Family Services facilitates parent workshops and training in a variety of areas based on family needs and develops at-home parent and child activities.

Alex Duran Batista
Alex Duran Batista is our Assistant for Family Services.
She can be contacted at (315) 361-5882.

Is there a cost for my child to attend Pre-K?

No, the program is free to each student.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided to all eligible 4 year old children in the Canastota, Stockbridge, and Morrisville school districts.  Transportation is not available in the Chittenango school district.

Where is Pre-Kindergarten available?

Pre-Kindergarten is available at the following locations: Canastota, Chittenango, Morrisville-Eaton, and Stockbridge Valley. For information specific to our program sites, such as school location, program hours, etc., please click on the Program Sites tab to the left.

Your child will be considered for the program when the following forms & documents are completed, submitted and then reviewed for potential eligibility: COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKET PROOF OF RESIDENCY (COPY OF UTILITY BILL, MORTGAGE / LEASE) COPY OF YOUR CHILD'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE