The Madison-Oneida BOCES Board of Education


The Madison-Oneida BOCES Board of Education has nine seats, one held by a representative of each component school district. Members are typically appointed to three-year terms. To reach the board members, please email

suzanne carvelli

Suzanne Carvelli, Rome
Board President
Term Expires: 2019


john costello

Dr. John Costello Sr., 
Board Vice President
Term Expires: 2019


sally sherwood

Sally Sherwood, Camden
Term Expires: 2019

doug gustin

Douglas Gustin,
Term Expires: 2021

paul lehmann

Paul Lehmann, Hamilton
Term Expires: 2021

richard engelbrecht

Richard Engelbrecht, 
Term Expires: 2020


donna isbell

Donna Isbell, 
Term Expires: 2020

herb bingel

Herb Bingel,
Stockbridge Valley
Term Expires: 2019

patrick baron

Patrick Baron,
Term Expires: 2020