Foundations of CTE 10


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Foundations of CTE 10 offers 10th grade students the unique opportunity to build the employability skills that are necessary for applying for, obtaining, and maintaining a job. In-house internships culminate the learning experience so that students can more readily transition into a specialized program for their junior and senior years.

The goal of this one-year program is to help students reconnect with learning via experiential and kinesthetic learning experiences. Students complete projects, learn how to keep themselves safe in the work environment, and experience academic learning in a new context.

Specific learning in the program encompasses safety and first-aid, measurement, hand and power tools, building materials, basic woodworking and wood finishing, an introduction to basic manufacturing processes and welding, and basic home maintenance skills. A well-equipped laboratory/shop helps students relate what they learn in class to real-world projects.

Note: This program is for sophomore (10th grade) students.