Tool Bag 3 ELA Orange Book

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Things to Do

Next Generation ELA Standards  -- The standards themselves

Read These!  (Seriously)
-- Top research in tiny bundles!  Nonie K. Lesaux, PhD, & Emily Phillips Galloway, EdD,  wrote a series of briefs for NYSED that help us better understand and implement the Next Generation Learning Standards for ELA.  

The Front Door
-- Come on in the front door, and read this introduction first!! Pay special attention to the ELA Practices on page 3 which identify what students should be doing in classes as we move towards advanced literacy.

Cool New ELA Glossary -- Finally, common definitions to use for theme, main idea/central idea, and more.

Common Core State Standards -- **These are being phased out in favor of the New York State Next Generation ELA Standards.  Click her for the transition schedule.

“Help! We have not had any training in the 2017-2019  Phase I Gaining Awareness of the New York State Next Generation ELA Learning Standards  -- If this is you, click on "Last Call" (above) to access the NYSED's ELA Toolkit, and you will be given the guiding questions, activities and associated links to gain your own awareness of the upcoming changes.  This will provide you with the background knowledge needed to move into the 2019/2020 Phase II Building Capacity which has just gotten underway. 
Primary level teachers and leaders should ALSO check out the
P-3 additional supports found HERE

2018 Summer Reading Ideas & Programs for Students
-- A great one pager, chock-full of ideas!

The Big Ideas -- This is an opportunity to dig into the most significant shift in the NYS Standards: the Practices. Practices have been identified for Reading and Writing, as well as for Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. How do they tie to our planning, our instruction, and the children's learning?

Step One: Download this document and take a look at the Practices:
Common Practices

Step Two: Use this document to begin to identify commonalities and to brainstorm next steps: The Big Ideas