Academic Credits



Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs provide a unique approach to learning by integrating traditional core academic subjects within the context of a career pathway, also called a program of study. Students learn the naturally occurring math, science, English and Government and Economics as related to each career field.

Applying core academic concepts to real-world projects assists students in developing 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, effective communication and innovation.

Approved CTE programs also meet the New York State Education Department standards for Career Development and Occupational Studies and Occupational Studies and Career and Financial Management.

CTE Course Credits

1st Year (PM Session)

Integrated Math 11 1 unit of study
CTE Major

2 units of study

2nd Year (AM Session)

Integrated Science 11 1 unit of study
Integrated English 12 1 unit of study
Integrated Gov/Economics 1 unit of study

CTE Major

(includes .5 unit of Career &
Financial Management)

1.5 units of study


Over 2 years 7.5 units of study