Non-Instructional & Support Services

Management Services


Innovative and energetic professionals provide a unique array of services that are designed to save school districts time and money, as well as lighten the heavy workload of busy administrators. The Management Services Division is attuned to the special needs of schools and dedicated to providing quality products and services. The money districts save by collaborating and sharing with each other and BOCES can be used directly for instruction.

The division of Management Services provides an opportunity for districts to reduce costs by pooling resources. Professionals in the Management Services Division assess district needs and assist in preventing the duplication of services, staff, equipment, facilities and time. The end result is more money to put toward the instructional needs of students.

Learn more about how the Management Services Division can help your district with Shared Personnel Services, Administrative Support Services and/or Production and Direct Services.

Management Services Basics


Lisa Decker, Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations, (315) 361-5520

Tara Pawlowski, Director of Business Services, (315) 361-5514

Sandra Foley, Assistant Director of Finance, (315) 361-5531

Todd VanDresar, Director of Facilities, (315) 361-5750

Hollie Ackerman, School Lunch Manager, (315) 363-6901

Cherie Spraker, Assistant Purchasing Agent, (315) 361-5626

Lee Farrell, Director of Human Resources, (315) 361-5512

Sapna Kollali, Director of Communications, (315) 361-5518

Justin Murphy, Director of Labor Relations and Policy Services, (315) 361-5522

Don Philhower, Printing and Graphics Supervisor, (315) 361-5820

Vacant, Policy and Benefits Coordinator, (315) 361-5522

Jim KleinPlanning and Grant Writing Specialist, (315) 361-5759

Frank SlawiakRegional Transportation Coordinator, (315) 361-5899