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                                                  Support During COVID-19 Closures

The Staff and Curriculum Development team remains available to support educators across the region.  For the duration of the closures, we can be reached via email and phone. 

Ed Rinaldo -- APPR, TLE, the Arts, Staff Development
Maria Papa -- ELA, General Instruction
Jonathan Cornue -- Social Studies, Science, other content areas, General Instruction
Jody Popple -- Math, General Instruction
Kristin Capotosto -- Special Education
Becky Copp -- Special Education
Sue LeBlanc -- Instructional and Curriculum Resource, School Libraries

If you have additional questions or if you need immediate support, please contact Ed Rinaldo at 315.361.5550.

                                                                 Virtual Content Meetings

In an effort to stay connected with educators throughout the region, and to provide educators with an opportunity to safely gather to share ideas and best practices, we are holding virtual meetings using Zoom beginning the week of March 30th.  

Click here to see the calendar of meetings.  Each event on the calendar is "clickable" and will provide you with the link needed to participate.

We highly recommend signing up with Zoom ( on your computer or downloading the Zoom app on your device.  This is not necessary, but it does provide you with more options and flexibility.  Zoom is currently offering their service for free and waiving the maximum time limit that comes with their basic service.

(Please note that we are NOT endorsing Zoom for use with students, as we are not aware of the level of compliance with EdLaw 2d.) 

                                                                      CIS/SLS Resources

Click this link to access content-specific materials for ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, and World Languages.  All of these resources are curated and vetted by the CIS/SLS.

                                                          Online Resources for Teachers 

Check out Wide Open School for an abundance of vetted materials curated by Open Source.  This is free and has both an "Educator" and a "Family" section. Important Note: Do not ask your students to use any program or material that requires a sign-in, log-in, or any other structure that collects student information. If you are unsure about whether or not a program or website is Ed Law 2-D compliant, contact your district's technology leader.
The New York State Education Department has gathered some wonderful, vetted, online resources.  Click here to link to their page (and be sure to scroll down for subject-specific materials!). 
Look here for the full NYSED Continuity of Learning Page.

You can also click here to access the SCD Tool Kit which has additional materials.

If you are looking support in developing online courses, consider this article from former middle school teacher and current professor John Spencer:  7 Big Ideas as You Shift toward Online Teaching. 

About Staff and Curriculum Development

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Staff and Curriculum Development is a collection of collaborative services offered to the Madison-Oneida BOCES districts. Its service providers include Professional Development, the Mid-State Teacher Center, the Mentoring Grant, the Central Regional Partnership, and the Center for Instructional Support/School Library Services (CIS/SLS).  By working together, we are able to better support the needs of educators and students across the region.

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