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Things to Do

What Change Will I Make...? -- A tool for exploring changes to the standards.

The Next Generation Mathematics Standards
-- Click here to access the newest standards.

The Next Generation Mathematics Standards **Enhanced** -- Developed by the Broome-Tioga BOCES, this version of the standards looks the same, but has "hover-over" options and links to supporting documents.

Snapshots and Crosswalks -- This link will take you to abbreviated versions of the Next Generation Mathematics Standards (Snapshots) and to grade-by-grade comparisons between current standards and the new standards (Crosswalks).

Glossary -- A glossary of terms used in the new Mathematics standards. Understanding these verbs as they relate to the standards is critical for student learning and cross-grade level uniformity.

You WANT to Read This -- If you teach math, you want to read this article from Stanford.  Although written for those who work with ELL students, the principles discussed work with ALL children! 

Module Alignment Documents -- Are you wondering how the Next Generation Math Standards align with your topics? Click here to find grade-specific alignment documents that will help you adapt the current modules to meet the new standards.

Progressions -- The following documents were developed by the State-wide Mathematics group. Each follows a concept's progression from Kindergarten through Algebra II, and are useful when unpacking the standards.
  *Computing & Numbers
  *Measurement, Data, Statistics, &
  *Expressions & Equations/Functions

Data Trends -- Below are links to 3-8 testing data trends for Mathematics from 2013 through 2017. They show the frequency of tested standards, and they have links to the released questions, which could be used by teachers in their instruction. 
  * Grade 3 Data Trends
  * Grade 4 Data Trends
  * Grade 5 Data Trends
  * Grade 6 Data Trends
  * Grade 7 Data Trends
  * Grade 8 Data Trends

Page of Goodies -- Looking for additional supporting resources?  Click here for one-stop shopping!

NYS Common Core Math Standards -- These are being phased out by grade level from 2019 through 2025. 



Standards Crosswalk Sort -- For a preview of the  shifts from Common Core Math Standards to NYS Next Generation Math Standards, try this activity!

Standards Crosswalk Note Catcher Activity -- To take a close look at grade-level specific changes in the standards, download these three documents, and use them for deep exploration and conversation.
  * Directions
  * Note Catcher
  * Crosswalks

Unpacking the Standards -- Click here when you are ready to dig in and unpack the new standards.  This link takes you to the state website, where a structure and some samples exist.

Mathematical Practices Place Mats -- What do the practices look like in action?  Try your hand at identifying key attributes in this sorting activity.
  * Print this place mat and read the directions
  * Print these cards and complete the activity
  * Do NOT print these answers until you are
     ready to check your work!

Mathematical Practices Posters -- Print these fantastic posters, developed by the Jordan School District in Utah, and hang them on your walls.  Use them as talking points during your lessons... which practices are you currently engaged in?
  * Grades K-1
  * Grades 2-3
  * Grades 4-5
  * Grades 6-12

The Big Ideas -- This is an opportunity to dig into the most significant shift in the NYS Standards: the Practices. Practices have been identified for Reading and Writing, as well as for Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. How do they tie to our planning, our instruction, and the childrens' learning?

Step One: Download this document and take a look at the Practices:
Common Practices

Step Two: Use this document to begin to identify commonalities and to brainstorm next steps: The Big Ideas