BCCE Celebrates 2024 Adult Graduation

BCCE Celebrates 2024 Adult Education Graduation
Posted on 06/20/2024

On Thursday, June 20th, Adult Graduates turned their tassels across their mortarboard, and their focus to a brighter future as the BOCES Consortium of Continuing Education held its 2024 Adult Graduation Ceremony. The Adult Graduation Ceremony recognizes adult learners who have completed their course of study to earn a recognized high school diploma through two different pathways: the National External Diploma Program, and the High School Equivalency Diploma Program.

39 graduates received their diplomas during the ceremony, while a grand total of 63 graduates stand among the 2024 graduating class for the programs.

The National External Diploma Program is a credentialing program for adults who have acquired skills through life experiences, and can demonstrate those skills through an applied performance assessment system.

The High School Equivalency Diploma Program allows adult learners to receive a high school equivalency certificate from the New York State Education Department after passing examinations in the disciplines of Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Each graduate has their own story and motivation behind this accomplishment, with many overcoming immense personal obstacles to reach their goals. Those stories were on full display during the evening’s graduate keynotes.

James Peters spoke on behalf of the National External Diploma graduates. Peters is originally from Sierra Leone, where he attended school until ninth grade. He was brought to the United States amidst the profound backdrop of civil war in his home country, and put his education on hold to help provide for his family. Today, he is a father of four, a high school graduate, and will be pursuing the BOCES LPN program soon.

Speakers Jon Van Nort and Jaquayia Younes represented the High School Equivalency Diploma graduates. Van Nort detailed the incredible journey of how he turned his own life around from his lowest point, to the high point of receiving his diploma. Like Peters, Younes is only just beginning her journey at BOCES. She is a mother of two and intends to enter the BOCES LPN program.

MOBOCES Board President Richard Engelbrecht provided the evening’s opening and closing remarks.

BCCE is operated through a partnership between Madison-Oneida BOCES and Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES. In addition to BOCES campuses, the programs are delivered through ACCESS sites in Rome, Utica, and Oneida. 

Congratulations to our graduates!

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National External Diploma Program Graduates
Hakima Abdi 

Melinda Cantu 

Edward Cartagena 

Jazmonae Carter 

Musa Ceesay 

Theodore Crawford II 

Hector "Bebo" Fajardo‐Diaz 

Angel Feliciano 

Craig Michael Foote 

Audbrey Johnson 

Elizabeth Johnson 

Amanda Kimball 

Amanda Lewin 

Nicole Patterson 

Moo Eh Paw 

James Peters 

Khalanie Pritchard 

Laura Quinn 

Guillermo A. Ramos 

Desiree Rice 

Shaniquia Ross 

Kerri Rucker 

Anita Ruffin 

Alejandra Sequeira

High School Equivalency Diploma Graduates

Angok Achvil 

Richard Andrewski 

Mckenzie Aldridge 

Aiden Alsheimer 

Lenzel Atkins 

Angel Brown 

Lisa Bundonis 

Neylah Butler 

Freia Casselman 

Antonio Clapps 

Diego Concepcion 

Zachary Craig 

Grace Deno 

Maria Drake 

Owen Fall 

Gianna Gemelli 

Antoinette Goff‐Weaver 

Santino Guardado 

Maya Jahnke 

Anthony Jerominek 

Jessica Johnston
Ocena Mancuso  

Natalee Merchant 

Nyanhial Nguoth 

Cameron Patterson 

Evan Roberts
Jose Rodriguez  

Phoenix Rudd 

Erica Sabino
Max Smith  

John Spratt 

Jamie Studer 

Jon Van Nort 

Drackline Verly 

Noelle Walker 

Harold Wall 

Victoria Wimpenney 

Mya Yaddow 

Jaquayia Younes