Positivity Project

Elementary Adds New Character Initiative
Posted on 10/25/2022

MOBOCES elementary programs have joined The Positivity Project this year to help infuse additional social emotional skill-building into the K-6 school day.

The Positivity Project is a nationwide initiative that stresses the importance of developing positive character traits and healthy relationships. Throughout the year, students learn about 24 traits, such as open-mindedness, love of learning, perseverance and teamwork. The P2 program offers a variety of resources for each trait that teachers can utilize with students.

Elementary Principal Jason Stefanski said he has been recording a weekly video to discuss a single trait that the entire program – both on-campus classes and those at our J.D. George location – will focus on.

“We talk about what it is and what it looks like to help promote the use of it  in our classroom settings, in the hallway, on the bus and during the transitions of our daily routines,” he said.

The video and P2 resources help teachers lead daily discussions and activities with students. Teacher Chelsea Bourgeois said her students look forward to these lessons and activities.

“We do it every morning so that we set the tone for the day, talk about what specific skills we're going to practice, and we always wrap up the end of the lesson by going around and saying 'OK, so what are you going to do today?'” she said. “The kids really get into it and they're  very involved and very good with it.”

Stefanski said the lessons and related events will continue throughout the school year, and he hopes to eventually involve middle and high school students to make it a K-12 initiative.